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Facial skin problems and 5 skin-damaging habits

5 skin-damaging habits

Have you ever thought that it is bad skin care habits that can become the decisive mistakes that cause all kinds of skin problems? I am sure that you have already heard many times about the magical power of water, nutrition and vitamins for the skin and you already know that you should not leave the house without applying protection with SPF . But today we want to share with you some bad skin care habits that we unfortunately often forget and ignore.

1. Bedding is changed too rarely . Did you know that your bedding harbors many dust mites, other bacteria and even fungus? Therefore, it is recommended to change the bedding at least once every two weeks, if you sweat profusely, it should be done once a week. And often this bad habit is just a lack of discipline - after all, it only takes a few minutes to change the bedclothes, but we often postpone this household chore until last. So don't forget to include a new habit in your daily routine - weekly bed linen change!

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2. Using dirty bath towels to dry your face . This is a very popular mistake that many women make. If you use towels, you must remember that they must be washed at high temperatures and do so very often. It is best to choose disposable tissues instead of a towel or let your face dry on its own, but it is important to remember that the water left behind dries the skin. Dirty towels, like bedding, harbor a lot of bacteria that only worsen the condition of the skin, so choose the right skin drying agent for you and replace towels with other, more face-friendly drying products.

3. Too frequent and excessive use of hair products . All hair products can cause various rashes, pimples, blackheads and sometimes even acne. Since each skin is very individual and different, a product that is perfect for someone can cause many skin problems for you. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right hair care products , to sleep only with clean hair or with it tied, to avoid unnecessary use of gels and oils, and to do so responsibly.

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4. Constantly touching the face with dirty hands . Eh, we all know this very well and we still do it. It's time to develop a new habit and constantly remind yourself not to touch your face with dirty hands - after all, there are many bacteria and viruses hiding on their surface. Therefore, even an innocent tap with a finger can cause unpleasant consequences, such as the appearance of painful abscesses or annoying blackheads. Facial skin is every woman's sanctuary, which must be treated with respect, so there is no place for dirty fingers.

5. Improper daily facial cleansing and washing . Cleansing and washing your face properly is an especially important step in your skin care routine. If we do not clean our facial skin completely and leave makeup residue on it, it is naive to expect smooth and glowing skin. Washing the face without a cleanser , choosing water that is too hot or too cold, rubbing the skin too hard can have a bad effect on the condition of the facial skin. And where else is the choice of inappropriate cosmetics, which instead of preventing the appearance of skin problems, only cause more of them. Therefore, it is very important to take time and wash your face slowly and carefully, and to choose cosmetic products in consultation with specialists in your field. It is a professional cosmetologist or dermatologist, who is familiar with the current situation, who will not only advise you on which products and ingredients to choose for solving different skin problems, but will also help you create the correct care routine necessary for your facial skin.

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Very often these bad habits appear in our lives due to laziness and lack of discipline, so it is necessary to plan such tasks as changing the sheets or washing the face. Skipping the ritual of changing the sheets or not cleaning your face once will not cause big problems, but repeating bad habits on a regular basis can cause problems that you did not even face before. Very often, women turn to dermatologists with sudden acne, but it is important to note that acne does not appear instantly: it is caused by lifestyle changes and sometimes the cause is bad skin care habits. Let's develop only good habits in our lives, and when faced with bad ones, let's replace them with better ones. And remember that healthy and beautiful skin starts with a good skin care routine.


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