You don't need to use hundreds of cosmetic products to have healthy, clean and glowing skin!

Skin care is essential to ensure flawless appearance and self-confidence, as well as healthy and beautiful skin, not only today, but ten years from now. Just a few basic, elementary cosmetic products are enough for you to enjoy healthy face, body, scalp and shiny hair. The most important thing is the quality of cosmetics, its composition, penetration, effect, and their individual selection according to the skin problem. This is exactly what we guarantee at the MISJA ODA store. Here you will find only effective professional cosmetic products for the face , body , and hair , selected exclusively for you by med. cosmetologist Jolanta Vizgirdienė.

Comprehensive skin care - for your self-confidence!

MISJIA ODA store is intended for everyone - both a self-care novice, an advanced and even a specialist. Our selected skin cosmetics are designed to treat and care for the skin according to different skin types or problems. A wide range of selected products guarantees that cosmetic products will be found for those with oily, dry, acne-prone skin, as well as those struggling with hair loss, dandruff or simply looking for good quality daily skin and hair care products. MISSION ODA's goal is comprehensive skin care, so the assortment includes not only skin cosmetics and care products, but also silk sleep accessories designed to ensure a sweet sleep beneficial to the skin and hair.

Everyone's skin needs the same amount of love and care!

Cosmetologist Jolanta Vizgirdienė | Vilnius | Kaunas | THE MISSION

"Working as a beautician, you have to deal with various facial skin problems. And it doesn't matter if it's acne, or dermatitis, or pink, or simply dry skin - everyone's skin requires equal love and care.

I do not divide skin cosmetics into cheap or expensive, I emphasize targeted skin care . Only by delving deeper into the skin problem, its origins and looking for options will we be able to control it. Professional cosmetics are a serious helper in achieving or maintaining the goal of clean and beautiful skin, so in this store I select only professional cosmetics products that I know are effective and that I trust one hundred percent.

Personal and targeted skin care is our key to success. Let's embark on this wonderful introduction to professional cosmetics together. Mission skin is our common goal."

Your beautician Jolanta ❤

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