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Treatment of acne in the areas where face masks are worn

Today's COVID-19 pandemic forces us to spend part of the day wearing a face mask, which often leads to rashes in the area where the face mask is worn. Such rashes even have the English term MASKNE ( mask and acne ) and are extremely common in foreign countries where wearing masks is not new.

6 steps are described below, where you will find ways to prevent acne from the mask and how to cure such acne at home.

1. Recommendation - do not use makeup at all while wearing the mask, or at least avoid makeup in the mask area. When wearing a protective mask, we close the exhaled air, we do not allow the skin to breathe easily, it forms a kind of condensation, and if the face is still covered with makeup... powder, lipstick and other products on the skin and the substances contained in them mix - it creates an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, the pores clogs more. Also, when wearing a mask, the make-up is only pressed into the skin more strongly and it is significantly more difficult to clean the skin properly. The result of the mentioned actions is clogged pores.

2. Change the disposable mask after each use or wash the reusable mask at least daily. The bacteria stays on the mask, so if you have acne, you keep putting the dirty face mask on your face over and over again, which allows the bacteria to come back onto your face and multiply.

3. It is necessary to sufficiently moisturize and nourish the skin, of course, it is best to do this in the evening. During the day, part of the moisture evaporates through the skin, and when you suffer from acne, pimples - the skin is damaged, so the moisture evaporates much faster. In this case, it is very important to restore the moisture balance of the skin. The recommendation is to use stronger nourishing creams, one of which could be Natinuel OXY 100 restoring cream or Natinuel HYDRA-MOIST strong moisturizing cream for dry skin.

4. It is very important not to rush to take drastic measures right away, first you should restore the skin barrier and only then start the treatment - use retinol, a stronger acidic cleanser. Also, don't forget that you can't include all the tools needed for the treatment at once, you should do it easily by adding one tool at a time to your cosmetic routine.

5. Reduce the amount of products you use, because using many products with many active ingredients at the same time can be too difficult for the skin, you should stick to the most important ones, i.e. daily ones - cleanser, moisturizing/nourishing cream.

6. Always wash your hands before touching your face, especially when removing the mask. Of course, this is always important, but it is even more important if you suffer from acne.

These simple recommendations will help you maintain or restore smooth and clear facial skin!



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