Veido odos tipai, priežiūra ir kaip teisingai nustatyti savo odos tipą

Facial skin types, care and how to correctly determine your skin type

As strange as it may sound, many of us cannot correctly name our skin type . The many different signs and symptoms are confusing, and using products that aren't designed for our skin only creates more problems. As a result, we end up in the beautician's office and spend tons of money on new skin care products.

We know how difficult it can be to determine your skin type , so today we're sharing with you a super easy 3-step test that you can do at home to quickly and easily determine your skin type .

Text: How to correctly determine your skin type?

How to correctly determine your facial skin type?

1. First of all, gently wash your facial skin with a cleanser and dry it with a tissue;

2. After washing your face, do not rush to apply other cosmetics and wait an hour;

3. After an hour, evaluate your facial skin type . The following guidelines will help you assess your facial skin type :

  • Your skin is dry: the skin in the facial area feels stretched and flaking or flaking is visible.
  • Your skin is oily: the skin of the face, both in the T-zone and in the cheek area, is shiny.
  • Your skin is combination: the shine of the complexion is visible only in the T-zone.
  • Your skin is normal: the skin looks neither too dry nor too oily, and the facial area feels comfortable and moist without causing any discomfort.

If you still don't feel completely confident after reading all the guidelines, then be sure to review the main signs of facial skin types and compare it with your real feelings and the image in the mirror. Well, once you've determined your skin type, take a look at your cosmetic cabinet and pay attention to what's hidden in it and what products are designed specifically for your face type. Don't skimp on your skin and don't forget that products that don't suit your skin should be removed from your skin care routine. Do not use products intended for other skin types, but don't throw them away either - donate or pass them on to someone who needs it the most.

Signs of facial skin types

We share with you the main signs of facial skin types , which will help you correctly determine your facial skin type , as well as a list of recommended professional cosmetic products , which can act as a preparation for purchasing new facial skin care products.

Signs of dry skin:

  • Sensation of skin stretching.
  • Skin roughness.
  • Mild to severe flaking or peeling.
  • Itching.
  • Small creases and cracks.
Recommended products for the care of dry facial skin

List of remedies for dry skin:

👉 Acidic facial cleanser for sensitive skin CLEANSER PHAs-AHA 5%;

👉 Serum with probiotics for dry and sensitive skin PROBIOTIC ULTRASERUM;

👉 Moisturizing cream HYDRA - MOIST;

👉 High protection cream SPF50 MESO SHIELD 50.

Signs of oily skin:

  • The skin is shiny.
  • Oily and radiant T-zone and cheek area.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Clogged pores and blackheads.
Recommended products for the care of oily facial skin

List of remedies for oily skin:

👉 Cleanser with glycolic acid for oily skin CLEANSER AHA-BHA 9%;

👉 Serum for oily, problematic skin HYALURONIC ZN PCA;

👉 Activating cream for oily skin PURE SKIN ACTIVATOR ;

👉 COVERDERM Protective masking cream for oily, acne-damaged skin FILTERAY PLUS SPF30.


Signs of combination skin:
  • Usually dry cheeks and oily T-zone.
  • Enlarged pores (usually on the nose, chin and forehead).
  • The skin becomes oilier in summer and drier in winter.
Recommended products for the care of mixed facial skin

List of products for combination skin:

👉 Cleanser with glycolic acid for oily skin CLEANSER AHA-BHA 9%;

👉 Facial scrub for oily skin with glycolic acid GLYCOLIC POLISH;


👉 Cream with oxygen Natinuel OXY 100 ;

👉 Daily protective emulsion for mixed, oily skin SPF40 SHEER REFINING FLUID.


Signs of normal skin:

  • Neither too dry nor too oily.
  • No major skin problems or sensitivity.
  • Barely visible pores.
  • Radiant complexion.
Recommended products for normal facial skin care

List of products for normal skin:

👉 Cleanser with AHA acids CLEANSER AHAs 8%;

👉 Moisturizing serum HYALURONIC VITAMIN C;

👉 Moisturizing cream Natinuel HOMEO GEN;

👉 High protection cream SPF50 MESO SHIELD 50.


Remember that facial skin problems will not resolve themselves, this requires a proper care routine and products specially selected for your facial skin type . So if you're still hesitating, hurry up and take this quick test and check yourself.


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