Payment and shipping

Payment is made immediately using the Paysera payment system.

Paid orders are collected within 1-2 days (unless otherwise indicated on the product) and sent by the method of your choice.

In Lithuania, goods are delivered within 1-3 days after receiving the package. Thus, paid orders are delivered to the customer within 2-5 days from the confirmation of the order.

To a recipient from an EU country, the package is usually delivered within 10 working days.

Orders are delivered to the specified address or to the nearest post office.

Delivery price in Lithuania - 1.95€

Delivery price abroad (EU countries) - 7€

Important! If you choose the wrong delivery address/post office for your order and you need a forwarding service, you will have to pay the shipping costs again.


The expiration date of the products is indicated on the packaging, all products have a long shelf life. You need to pay attention to the labeling on the packages and the period of use of the goods after opening the package.

Returning the goods

According to Lithuanian law, cosmetic products are not returnable. If you suspect that a product may not be suitable for your skin, we always recommend trying a sample pack before purchasing.