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Strongly nourishing hair spray HAIR MIST

Strongly nourishing hair spray HAIR MIST

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HAIR mist - strongly nourishing hair mist is a sprayable, leave-in serum for nourishing and revitalizing hair. Intensively nourishes the hair follicle, providing essential nutrients and energy needed for hair growth and restoration of damaged hair.

The unique composition of the hair mist helps to stop and reduce hair loss, promotes hair growth and improves blood circulation of the scalp.

Also suitable for men to delay hair loss.

Active substances: dexpanthenols (0.5%), hyaluronic acid (0.1%), carnosine ( 0.5%), organic silicon (1%), zinc+ copper+magnesium mineral complex ( 3 % )

Usage: HAIR m ist hair powder to be used on clean and wet hair: spray the product on the scalp and massage gently . We can a perform a massage using a head massager in order to activate blood circulation and strengthen the functions of the follicles. Then blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally.

In order to for maximum results , use the serum regularly, daily or as needed.

Capacity: 75 ml


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